Copper relief letter sign

Copper relief letter signCopper relief letter sign, vintage or trendy, according to your choice

Copper relief letter sign has interesting characteristics, especially for shops wishing to obtain a vintage style sign. Indeed, this material oxidizes quickly. Its oxidation gives it an old metal appearance, perfectly responding to this retro look. The copper comes in different colors, such as orange, yellow and red. If you want to prevent the color change after the material oxidizes, you can apply colorless varnish to your lettering.

Increase your turnover: with what kind of advertising medium?

In the field of commerce, advertising plays an important role. In order to always innovate and to be able to face competition, it is essential to seek to make known its products and services. A sign with raised letters allows you to meet these requirements of the trade. Such an advertising medium, especially if it is made with the right material, is sure to give you the results you want. By opting, for example, for copper as a manufacturing material for your sign, you will be able to increase your turnover. Visitors to your store will increase. Illuminated signs made with this material are to be installed outdoors or applied to walls, inside your building.

Copper, a variety of choices in terms of finishes and mixtures of materials

In terms of finish, copper can be polished, natural or brushed, depending on one’s taste. All you have to do is choose the type of finish that suits you. Note also that we can perfectly choose to mix materials. Thus, you can combine, among others, brushed rose gold, titanium, mirror stainless steel and / or natural stainless steel. In terms of lighting, you have the choice between direct brightness and backlighting..
Relief letters in copper, style are in the spotlight

One of the peculiarities of copper has been used by humans for many centuries. It was then used in the manufacture of valuable products. Today, this subject still attracts a lot of followers. The objects made with copper reflects, among other things, refinement and pomp. Aware of this situation, the company My3DSign presents its services to you based on the use of this material. We offer high quality illuminated signs that respect your every requirement. These items have a perfect style and unique design.

You are free to personalize your sign: to polish, brush or keep the natural copper. Likewise, you also have the choice among the different colors offered, orange, yellow, red and if you are concerned about maintaining the color of the metal, consider applying varnish.

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