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The 3D illuminated sign,
25 years of expertise

We create your 3D illuminated sign or any other type of sign, to represent your brand image at its best. We manufacture your letters in various materials and offer you lighting solutions such as direct or backlighting.

Signage, embossed letters, box letters, we are able to meet all your requirements. We will be there from the beginning to the end of the process to accompany you and to see the project of your life come to life, thanks to our illuminated sign manufacturer.

Let us show you our products and their advantages. Indeed, the different descriptions will allow you to know what will correspond to your needs.

If you need more information about the different illuminated sign systems, please contact us! We will be happy to advise you. In addition, illuminated letters for outdoor use are subject to special regulations that should not be ignored!

3D Illuminated sign - Signage - Relief letter

3D illuminated signs, signage, relief letters and box letters add volume to your sign! The outcome? Whether indoors or outdoors, the shape and shading of the raised letters and 3D logos are definitely attractive to customers.

As a family business with over 25 years of experience in signage, we are associated with highly skilled craftsmen and designers. We are proud to offer high quality illuminated signs at factory prices with fast turnaround times.

We work for clients all over the world, especially in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, to create customised illuminated signs for shops, companies, hotels, boats, etc.

In the last few years, the market has changed significantly. Therefore, our offer has always been able to adapt to the latest signage solutions in order to be able to offer our customers innovative and efficient solutions in full compliance with environmental standards. This is made possible by our diverse and powerful equipment, our extensive knowledge of materials and cut-outs and the evolution of the lightbox letter to the LED.

Our illuminated letters are available in different systems. Thus, direct lighting, backlighting, tri-LEDS are available. These different systems have a clear advantage when it comes to choosing the brightness of your letters. Just like thecut-out letters, they can be used indoors. In addition, the decorative illuminated sign is enjoying huge success thanks to its unique aesthetics. But also through its visual impact.

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