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3D logos, 3D LED / NEON signs,
box letters, embossed letters

Contacting My3Dsign

My3DSign, a company created in Belgium in 1996, specialises in the manufacture of 3D illuminated signs, 3D logos, relief letters and box letters.

Our production of relief lettering, illuminated 3D logos and signage is exported at 80% to France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, Europe and Africa.

All our advertising signsare manufactured with the utmost care and we guarantee the highest level of satisfaction, and always at ex-actory prices. Without intermediaries, we manage your project directly with you for a sign that reflects your image and is of the highest quality.

We offer products with an impeccable finish made by professionals at the lowest prices on the market. By choosing our company you opt for serenity and proximity.

No import taxes to pay on delivery, no complicated paperwork. No exorbitant transport costs, no waiting times.

We mainly work with aluminium and mirror polished or brushed stainless steel and we also offer a wide range of colours and finishes suchas:brass, copper and Plexiglas lettering, as well as painted or lacquered lettering, all of which can be mixed at will.


Our products cater for all budgets with a wide variety of materials and finishes. Feel free tomix shapes, materials, colours and effects or options to define your sign and your corporate communication.

Our advisors specialised in the manufacture of signs and 3D logos are at your entire disposal. Even the different types of lighting can be mixed to ensure an optimal result. Our signs can be fitted with different types of fixings to suit your project. You can also choose an illuminated LED sign or illuminated relief letters, with many lighting options: backlighting, direct front lighting with the choice of the colour of the LEDs.

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