3D embossed plexiglass letter sign

3d sign plexiglassOptimize the lighting of your store, and choose 3D embossed plexiglass letter sign!

3D embossed plexiglass letter sign provides a reliable, aesthetic and durable, rendering for your illuminated sign. At My3DSign, they are supplied with the necessary accessories, including Samsung brand led bulbs. We also provide PVC or aluminum soles, depending on the size of the letters. This will help you maintain the quality of your 3D sign, no matter how long it is used. The plexiglass letters available from our store exist in several colors, it remains to choose the one that suits you for your signage.

Light occupies a preponderant place in the enhancement of a retail store. It not only provides the lighting essential for the smooth running of activities, but also the atmosphere and warmth. The raised letters fully participate in your search for comfort and attractiveness for your store. They are available in several colors. In our company in particular, the signs are available in various ranges.

Signs at attractive prices!

Do you want to further increase your customers’ traffic? Give your store a luxury appearance! Large financial transactions, like commercial exchanges, take place in a naturally jovial environment. By choosing the led letters for your sign, you give an important place to your activity. Businesses looking to optimize their bottom line do not hesitate to order led letters in the manufacture of their signs. They are not only symbols of luxury, but in addition, they are offered at affordable prices.

Brief reminder about plexiglass

Plexiglas is an interesting material in particular, in terms of illuminated signs. It ranks among plastic polymers with high strength. In addition, it allows for various layouts, 3D logos, etc. In other words, plexiglass offers the possibility of multiple customizations, linked, among other things, to the sizes of the signs and to the visual effect.

Combine elegance and design with our illuminated led letters

Illuminated signs are dedicated to encouraging people to buy or visit a store. Their primary role is to convey messages, but also to enlighten. The same goes for plexiglass signs, in which you can install LED bulbs. By doing so, you add value to your lighting. The plexiglass being translucent, it produces maximum brightness, combined with LED lighting. From an aesthetic point of view, our Plexiglas signs also have great potential. Effectively, the power supply is carried out in the most discreet and direct way possible. No need to resort to additional materials which will only clutter up and detract from the beauty and appearance of the products.

Finally, in order to bring more satisfaction to our customers, we offer brands that are powerful and durable over time. To offer you even more delight, note that the personalization of your orders is also possible. The logos as well as the made-up letters are fitted with aluminum or PVC soles. This choice depends on the size of the letters. If the latter has a minimum size, aluminum will be more interesting. For larger letters, PVC remains the best option.

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