Relief letters with backlighting

Relief letters with backlighting are among the most recommended types of signs, as they produce a light directed towards the wall and come in several thicknesses ranging from 20mm thick to 100mm or more for large logos.

Your custom backlit sign

Several finishes are available for your Relief letters with backlighting in metallic aspects: brushed stainless steel, embossed mirror polished stainless steel letters, embossed letter and logo in shiny gold or brushed gold appearance, titanium, copper, etc. The letters and logos in relief can also be painted in the desired color in this case the case letters are made of stainless steel or aluminum with epoxy lacquer. The backlit illuminated signs are equipped with high intensity LED module lighting guaranteeing optimal light output and increased longevity estimated at 50,000 hours thanks to its Samsung and Cree components, the best brands of low voltage LED components on the market in the high-end illuminated sign.

For your advertising sign, LED lighting is available in red, green, blue, amber, green, cold white, warm white and rgb with color change.

The brand is a key factor in your identification. Indeed, using an illuminated sign improves both your notoriety and your visibility. At My3Dsign we offer different types of illuminated sign including the backlit sign.

The backlit letters diffuse a halo of light on their support. In addition, they are particularly well tolerated by town halls and building architects in France. Indeed, the backlighting technique allows optimal and non-aggressive brightness.

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