Embossed letters overflowing sole

Embossed letters overflowing sole is ideal for your business being in development, you cannot underestimate the importance of your sign. Firstly, because this is the first communication you will send to your customers, but also because it will contribute to your notoriety.

A beautiful sign is therefore a considerable asset for your marketing strategy and you will not know how to do otherwise than call on a professional for its manufacture. At Lettre Relief, we offer a whole catalog of infinitely customizable signs to give you maximum satisfaction. Today, we come back to a model very popular with our customers, it is the sign in raised letters with an overflowing sole.

Embossed letters overflowing sole

The sign in raised letters with an overflowing sole is distinguished by its particular aestheticism, and for good reason, it benefits from the best of manufacturing materials. Whether it is made of aluminum, stainless steel or even titanium, you will be sure to have a strong and durable sign. You will have the choice between a beautiful lacquered aluminum, very elegant mirror or brushed stainless steel or you can opt for titanium, which has the trendy colors of the moment: gold, rose gold and many others. It is even possible to mix the materials if you wish.
As for the finishes, you have several possibilities. First of all, the overhanging sole, arranged at the back of the raised letters, is made of plexiglass, the thickness of which can vary between 10 mm and 30 mm, it depends on your preference. You can then choose between illuminated or opaque relief letters. However, it is entirely possible to opt for both, that is, you can make the front of the letter light up and the backside opaque. Conversely, you can also have the back light and the front opaque. In these cases, the lighting will be provided by LED lamps. Again, you can choose from a number of lighting colors, ranging from white to red, blue and green. To allow you to further personalize your sign, you can opt for a color scheme such as the graduation for example.

Also, you have chosen an original, personalized, poetic or humorous name to baptize with a marking your new acquisition. Not only will this name reflect the character you want to infuse into future voyages, it will also help identify the vessel. And to do it right, what better than a good lettering for boats or yachts like adhesive lettering and other vinyl stickers. In this area, My3DSign offers you a wide choice of lettering with various options to personalize your boat. 3D logo, illuminated signage or not, the choice is yours. We offer a wide choice of resistant materials that will perfectly suit a river or marine environment.

Resistance is essential, but we must not forget the waterproofness, especially with regard to the case type letters, equipped with LEDs. Rain and splash proof, your illuminated sign won’t fail when you need it most. My3DSign guarantees the quality of its lettering. By entrusting us with your work, you will benefit from aesthetic and resistant lettering, at a price defying all competition. Take advantage of our boat and yacht lettering offers to personalize your ship. Visit the site for more information or to request a quote.

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