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Stainless Steal 3d signs gives your shop letters or logo a high quality finish where professionalism is everything.  By clicking the “Express quote” button in the form, you will be given a larger selection among 4 different types of shop sign. To guide you in your choice, you will be able to compare between particular types of materials and lightings which are available for your embossed letters and 3D logos, as well as the main benefits from these materials.

To guaranty the quality of our signs and to ensure zero defects, we take the utmost care in manufacturing our stainless-steel and titanium signs. Each sign is hand finished and undergo a quality check. Each of them is then packed and dispatched.

Once you have made your choice and after you have provided us with your contact details, you will receive your quote by email within 24 hours or you will be contacted by one of our experts so that we can draw up a quote more in keeping with your advertising sign requirements.

You can also call us for an express quote by phone or for advice regarding the choice of your embossed sign.
Please note that the stainless-steel and titanium signs can be combined together. It is possible to manufacture the shop sign with one side in titanium and the other side with stainless-steel or to give them a different aspect. The same goes for the lightings. For example, it is possible to a shop sign with lights both in front and rear side.

3D signs and 3D logo light or traditional sign

The stainless-steel lettering and logos are the best! Chic, Luxurious, elegant.
These high-end shop signs are available in various materials and finish. Let’s start by the finish:
Available in polished and brushed. The materials suggested are divided into three categories:
The stainless-steel brushed or polished lettering, the titanium signs are as resistant as the one in stainless-steel but are available in different colours such as Titanium gold, rose gold, bronze and black. And lastly, natural materials such as brass and copper. These two materials are not rustproof and require an anti-corrosive treatment or lacquer. They require a regular maintenance. We therefore recommend to choose titanium rose gold as replacement of copper and titanium gold for brass.
For ship lettering or shops situated by seaside, we propose the stainless-steel 316 and titanium lettering which are fully protected against marine corrosion.

Many shops and high-end brands entrust us with the manufacture of their prestigious shop signs. We manufacture the signs for some Swiss watch industry and some luxurious brands. We deliver restaurants and hotels signs in Tahiti, St Barthelemy, Polynesia and the West Indies. So, whether you are in Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands or at the other end of the world, we always have a way to make your deliveries and we do have partners on site to help you.

Manufacturers of 3d signs are available in different types of lightings: Direct lightings signs ( with a light diffusing Perspex side in front), indirect lighting ( with a light diffusing Perspex in the rear side), Lateral lighting ( an opaque front and light diffusing Perspex on the sides), Backlight with overflowing sole (Thick diffusing Perspex sole at the rear) and finally, without lightings. Stainless Steal 3d signs ( with PVC sole or threaded rod at the rear).

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