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Backlight, rear 3D sign as a successful communication of your company. Inquire and compare the materials and lighting for 3d signs. By clicking the “Express quote” button in the form, you will be given a larger selection among 4 different types of shop sign. To guide you in your choice, you will be able to compare between particular types of materials and lightings which are available for your embossed letters and 3D logos, as well as the main benefits from these materials.

You can choose your 3D shop sign according to your needs, its use, its surroundings and of course according to your budget. Our shop signs are manufactured in accordance with European Standards with a quality guarantee. Once you have made your choice and after you have provided us with your contact details, you will receive your quote by email within 2 hours or you will be contacted by one of our experts so that we can draw up a quote more in keeping with your advertising sign requirements.

You can also call us for an express quote by phone or for advice regarding the choice of your embossed sign.

Signs with indirect lighting can also be equipped with an extra thickness Perspex sole which are available in 10, 20 or 30mm thick. All our luminous signs are equipped with Samsung LED, the guarantee of an energy saving and powerful signs.


3D signs and 3D logo light or traditional sign

The back-lighted letters are made from stainless-steel or aluminium and are then painted with an epoxy powder coating. The lettering depth is adapted to your wishes, we generally advice a 2cm thick for texts with a 20cm height, 4cm thick for texts as big as 60cm, but we can also manufacture your embossed sign with significant dimensions.

Backlight, rear sign is our best-seller and is the product with the best value for money. You will notice that most signs for restaurants and shops are made with this finishing touch as this type of sign lights are accepted by most cities having regulations around the signs.

The letters are supplied with some stainless-steel spacers but we can also provide them to you without fixings. Our boxes shaped letters are equipped with a diffusing Perspex sole that close up the back of the letters so as to ensure the tightness of the casing and the good light diffusion. In option, we propose overflowing sole which are generally used in the case that of a direct wall mounting without spacers between the wall and the letters. Our thick soles are proposed in 10, 20 and 30mm depth. 

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